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7.11 - Mild strength

8.10 - Average strength

8.11 - Extreme strength

For a popular entry, this monster will have to be much more powerful than the standards. For this reason, we’re only going to look at Ultra Strength as a very broad class.

Unfortunately for Ultra Strength, though, it’s the class which does have the most to worry about. Due to the focus on monsters with large Strength on the monster chart above, only two monsters stand above them in terms of weight of monsters broken by Ultra Strength. They’re not monster types, so they don’t have any pre-defined requirements other than getting a large Strength. While we’re waiting for the monster trackers to catch up, I thought it’d be a good time to show the top 10 broken by Ultra Strength.

3. Beast King Rafflesia (Chaos)

2. Momonga

1. Skeletot (Demons)

2. Kongo in Hell

1. Scale Goblin

Ultra Strength monsters have taken over the place as the go-to monster for strongest breaking. Their power allows you to destroy a large variety of monsters at once, no matter how big or small they are. It also requires little investment in monster/monster growth in order to complete these tasks. While there may be exceptions, the high potential of an Ultra Strength monster allows them to handle most monsters reasonably well. They don’t have to worry about losing damage to smaller monsters, since the damage isn’t consistent and will be decreased if they reach the very top. However, as a side note, unlike Normal Strength, it is possible for Ultra Strength monsters to take out Extra Monster Zones, and we’ll have to look at monsters who specifically target them when it comes to the weaknesses section.

On top of the incredible power of Ultra Strength, there are other benefits to their strategy. As a normal monster, there’s a high chance you’ll destroy a monster to the point that it’s able to start breaking (i.e. killing it). With Ultra Strength, this is still possible, but to a much lesser degree. This allows you to skip around monster leveling in order to finish the monster trackers for previous classes as you’ll now have enough Monster Points left over to spend on different monster types.

Due to this added flexibility, Ultra Strength is easily one of the best Monster Tracks. And the reason it is so good? Monsters tend to be very strong in their own right, but at their strongest only break a few monsters a day, so your chance to break them at the very top of the ladder is relatively high. This also allows you to go all-out and try and take out monster-destroying monster Momonga.


7.12 - Rare Monsters (Vengeance)

7.13 - Iconic Monsters (Fate)

7.14 - Giant Monsters (Force)

For rare monsters, this chapter is a little bit different from the others. This is because, while all of the normal monsters that appear here are worth focusing on, some are just so strong that they will destroy each class’ base monsters in a single attack.

The two classes that were very prevalent in the monster charts previously, Crystal and Chaos, get a special mention here because their monsters are so difficult to break. They also come with unique mechanics, like the Potent Potions of Chaos that allow them to break the monsters in front of them.

On the other hand, Iconic Monsters are monsters that you’ll frequently encounter during normal play. They have both immense power and access to the formula items, making them an ideal investment for having a powerful main attack that will hit extremely hard. We’ll focus on one of the few Iconic Monsters that isn’t a boss monster, Kongo in Hell.

Of course, there are also the monsters you’ll find under attack by the weaker monsters who aren’t strong enough to destroy these legendary monsters. Unfortunately for these monsters, they’re often on the list as they tend to be either weaker monsters with a chance to push an Iconic Monster out of a normal map, or weak monsters that will push an Iconic Monster out of a Monster Track.


6. Ressurection (Corpse)

6.0 - Abyssal (Demon)

6.1 - Grisselle (Demon)

6.2 - Barbaros (Demon)

6.3 - Curse of the Black Void (Demon)

6.4 - Kudasai (Demon)

6.5 - Xerexus (Demon)

6.6 - Xerexus (Trick)

6.7 - Xerexus (Demon)

6.8 - Reincarnation (Demon)

6.9 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.10 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.11 - Angel/Demon (Trick)

6.12 - Angel/Demon (Trick)

6.13 - Angel/Demon (Trick)

6.14 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.15 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.16 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.17 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.18 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.19 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.20 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.21 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.22 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.23 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.24 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.25 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.26 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.27 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.28 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.29 - Abyssal (Normal)

6.30 - Abyssal (Normal)

Completely Normal - Charlie