The Trap
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Instant Kill (to all non-boss enemies & players)

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Quake II: The Reckoning

Lay the Trap on the ground and watch as it sucks nearby enemies inside and turns them into power cubes for you to devour. Most marines have said it tastes like chicken.

The Reckoning Manual

Simply known as the Trap, this weapon is thrown to the ground where it creates a vortex capable of sucking in anyone nearby, including an unwary player. This produces a cube which restores health. It will turn every non-boss enemy into giblets within a second (including the new Gladiator), it is however extremely rare to find.


  • Trap is very hard to find, so it should not be used on weak enemies.
  • Trap is slightly useful against Beta Class Super Tanks, as it blocks boss' movement being just a solid obstacle. However it's risky and wasteful tactic, as player may be sucked into own trap, while the trap itself is not too much helpful against bosses.
  • It's good to use the trap when facing multiple harder enemies as it can kill them instantly and drop a Health Cube that greatly increases your health.


  • Collecting the health cube made from sucked enemies greatly increses player's health, and unlike the Megahealth player's health won't decrease over time. Player's health actually can't be higher than around 300 Health.
  • Sometimes Trap does not suck enemies in, but does nothing. This is a rare bug.
  • Trap cannot suck in bosses, but instead blocks them as it is a solid item.


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