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Trent Reznor with Katherine Anna Kang and John Carmack

Michael Trent Reznor (born May 17, 1965) is an American song writer and song composer who founded his own band called Nine Inch Nails in 1988.

Reznor and his band created the Soundtrack for Quake and he selected the sound effects for it after having recorded both. He also completely voice‐acted Ranger.[1]

Reznor was a fan of previous titles by id Software, especially Doom, whilst members of id Software such as American McGee were big fans of his music. Due to their mutual interest in one another, Quake became a collaborative effort.

According to John Romero, Reznor saw the game and he knew where to go musically. He also could have been inspired by his friend’s music because id Software told Reznor that they liked it.[2] The logo for his band appears on the Nail boxes in Quake as a tribute.

Trent Reznor Robin Williams and John Carmack In One Room

In 1997, Reznor was approached to do the soundtrack for Quake II. He refused, stating that the second game lacked atmosphere.

Sonic mayhem ending the misconception about Trent declining Quake 2

However, later on, it turned out to be a common misconception, since sonic mayhem (On Civvie 11's Quake 2 video) confirmed it with this comment: "However Trent didn't decline because he didn't liked it. He was too busy. When I started talking to id they had no idea what or who they wanted at first. Only after submitting our demo, they wanted to go the metal route."


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