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The Tri-bolt fires three rounds armed with timed explosives. Each bolt fires in quick succession, allowing the user to concentrate fire or cover a wider area as needed. Perfect for settings traps.

Strategy Edit

No one is quite sure what the devs were thinking when they introduced this weapon, however, fan theories include that they were taking drugs, or some speculate that it was intended to be an elaborate joke, because no one knows what you're supposed to do with this weapon, as it's function is entirely bizarre and barren of any kind of real strategy or utility. It's said if you use it while under the influence of alcohol, or marijuana, it's true potential will be revealed, but many have tried in vain to unveil its ultimate power. Some believe the Tri-bolt was added by mistake, others say it was intended to be a joke weapon, but at the end of the day, at least it's kind of good if you need to make that jump to heavy armor on blood run.

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