Turret (Q4)


Attack Damage


Found in

Quake 4


In Quake 4, there are three types of Turrets: ceiling-based, static, and ground-based. Ceiling turrets are mounted onto ceilings and will attack if an alarm is tripped. Ground turrets are dropped by stealth air units onto the ground, mainly as anti-vehicle weapons. Static turrets are mounted on various buildings. If a Turret is damaged, a red globe will surround it.

Ceiling turrets fire nails, making a very loud sound when they do so.

Static turrets fire rapid, inaccurate bursts of machine gun fire.

Missile turrets will fire a heat-seeking missile.



  • Ceiling turrets can be a real pain if you don't take them out ASAP. As soon as they see you, they'll lock on and keep on firing unless you hide. Try to blow them up ASAP because they are, again, a real pain.
  • Any weapon is effective against it, but use stronger weapons if possible, you have to destroy them quickly on higher difficulties, shotgun and charged blaster shots are effective at close range.


  • Like their ceiling-mounted cousins, ground-based turrets are a real pain. As soon as they see you, they'll lock onto you and open fire, but this time you can't hide since there are almost no cover. Turrets can inflict quickly a lot of damage, so destroy them as soon as you can. Turrets, combined with Heavy Hover Tanks, can destroy your vehicle in no time, so better be careful. Don't take it very lightly, especially playing on the highest difficulties.
  • A well-aimed cannon shot or a volley of missiles (4~6 missiles) can destroy a Turret. The Machine Gun takes too long to destroy one, making it almost useless against it. Sometimes the turrets can be dropped from the ceiling, make sure you destroy them fast before they are properly deployed, killing it without being harmed is possible. Sometimes you can see them before you enter the range of their fire, use cannon or machine gun to destroy the because the rockets can be inaccurate beyond close range. The ball-turret is immune to damage until its deployed, that means you always need to take it out the hard way.
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