Unholy Totem is Galena's active ability in Quake Champions. When deployed, Totem will heal any teammate or deployer self at the area of effect for 50 health. Besides acting like a healing beacon, Unholy Totem will also smite and destroy any enemy who dares to step in the chamber instantaneously. Totem has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Totem can't be deployed in the air and casting range is medium. Totem can be destroyed by enemies, and self-destruct as it instakills an enemy. After healing an ally or self it will be inactive until another totem is deployed, which reactivates it.

Tips Edit

  • Galena hardly needs to collect hour glasses to deplete cooldown, due to her passive. Use Unholy Totem often whenever you direly need it, like right after a fight to recover your health.
  • Avoid deploying it at obvious sights, in a crowded match totem could be easily eliminated from another angle as it covers one spot. Think out of the box to cast it at places where it has cover from different angles.
  • Place it at teleport exits, catwalks or ledges to ensure area denial when you expect aggression. Place it right around the corner or bounce pads when getting chased.
  • Radius of effect is mediocre try to lead the cast as you predict the enemy movement. For instance casting it at health kits or other important items to deny foes out is a nice move.
  • Deploy Totem at daring places and at the front of low choke points in team matches to rally your team. So they never feel the disadvantages of positioning even for a short time.