Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 7 September 2018

QuakeWikia Server: Custom Skins

Currently for the server, we are relatively limited for skins, using the SG collection primarily. It is relatively easy to include extra skins into the Multiskin feature, however, meaning additional skins could be added or even swapped out if desired.

The greatest problem with custom skins is that the gibbed head seems to be highly overlooked. MultiSkin itself offers only the body and most modifications seem content to continue this pattern. This in turn means the selection is more limited than simply picking any custom skin found on the Wikia, since we need one that also offers a head gib or the texture will be lacking.

This page therefore is created to compile player skins that are supported by the server, thus providing a clear list of ch…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 26 August 2018

The Aftershock of the Aftershock has Passed

It has been a lot of effort, but we have finally got the Aftershock Toolbox detailed out as much as the original Aftershock for Quake was. A continuation of the former, it included some new levels such as Welcome to BLAZE1 and Welcome to ABANWARE. Welcome to CROSFR01 is one of the only levels out there that does not run in any modern source port. Complete with a new Aftershock Toolbox Level Theme for the completely new levels, plus the original versions of certain levels such as No caption and Horizontal Door Example, means we got quite the plethora of content. We even got some dates that gives us some idea of a chronological order.

However, the big thing this time around is not really the new level pages, but the focus on actual QuakeC mod…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 6 July 2018

QuakeWikia Server

Just a useful feature list to keep everyone up to date on what the server is looking like. I originally had it sorted by mods I was and wasn't using, but found too many of them I was deviating from the intended design, or just was picking and choosing small parts of convoluted mods. Needless to say, I wished for something with a bit more organization. So here we are, a nice list just clarifying what the features of the server are.

Note that I am trying to make sure server incompatibilities have nothing to do with me. So while there are known issues, I can verify most of them were existent in the mods where I ripped the code from.

I have tried using PAK Explorer to make transferring the files a bit easier, but the problem is that detection of…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 5 July 2018

QuakeWikia (Circa 1996)

I feel rather confused by the current state of the Wikia, as reading some old text files found on various old CD compilations, it would seem we got a lot wrong. How we missed these important facts is beyond me, but I feel it in our best interest to put the records straight.

I wanted to get some useful information from Q2, but they didn't even have the decency to offer a Readme file. This is evidence that Q2 is the worst commercial add-on, because what purpose is there to buying $20-30 Add-ons if not to read a couple 1MB text files?

Luckily Dark Hour was here to fix the issue and teach me all about Quake. I learned quite a bit you couldn't find on any reputable websites. Being that I paid $30 for it, I am more likely to trust this Readme file…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 8 March 2018

The Aftershock has Passed

It has been a long road, taking quite a bit of time to accomplish, but we have managed to fully document and cover every single Aftershock for Quake level. Not only did this Add-on result in the addition of plenty of new little details like categories specifically dedicated to separating the different game modes, but we also added a few new Hazards such as the Glass of the test level GLASS.

With Gregory A. MacMartin making the Aftershock Level Theme, we are amassed in a whole range of textures which detail the various levels. Aftershock features a wider range than past Add-ons, meaning we have a lengthy campaign with its own Introduction and three Episodes. From the boat ride in E1M1: House of Desolution to the Leap of Faith in E1M4: Fire …

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