Happy New Year to our community! Though a bit late, I do happen to have a holiday gift for you all! Dark Hour has become the second Add-on, Q2 being the first, to be officially completed (of course there is probably always room for improvement). That means new pages have been added to the wikia such as VALHALLA AWAITS, Abstractions, and Arena II. There are 23 level pages, all highly detailed with every Grunt and Rotfish recorded.

Also important is the creation of the Water Elevator page, which is one of our first pages covering some custom content (there are one or two stub pages from years past, but this is one to be part of a big project and the first custom Hazard to be added). Also, due to the semi-campaign of the levels (starting with VALHALLA AWAITS), we also have examples for setting up custom campaign pages (which should help in the near future with some other packs we will be working on).