Currently for the server, we are relatively limited for skins, using the SG collection primarily. It is relatively easy to include extra skins into the Multiskin feature, however, meaning additional skins could be added or even swapped out if desired.

The greatest problem with custom skins is that the gibbed head seems to be highly overlooked. MultiSkin itself offers only the body and most modifications seem content to continue this pattern. This in turn means the selection is more limited than simply picking any custom skin found on the Wikia, since we need one that also offers a head gib or the texture will be lacking.

This page therefore is created to compile player skins that are supported by the server, thus providing a clear list of choices. Multiskin messages mean little, those are easy to add or modify. Therefore, this shall be used as a reference with the server to pick a skin.

Skin Gallery

Quake Related

Other Game Characters

Live Media Characters


Star Wars


Other/Not Based on Pop-Culture

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