It has been a long road, taking quite a bit of time to accomplish, but we have managed to fully document and cover every single Aftershock for Quake level. Not only did this Add-on result in the addition of plenty of new little details like categories specifically dedicated to separating the different game modes, but we also added a few new Hazards such as the Glass of the test level GLASS.

With Gregory A. MacMartin making the Aftershock Level Theme, we are amassed in a whole range of textures which detail the various levels. Aftershock features a wider range than past Add-ons, meaning we have a lengthy campaign with its own Introduction and three Episodes. From the boat ride in E1M1: House of Desolution to the Leap of Faith in E1M4: Fire Scirocco, from the relatively broken nature of E2M1: ..Ambush? to the quick ending level involving jumping in a well in E2M5: The Descent, and from the nightmarish pain gauntlet of E3M1: The Surface to the destroyed bridge of E3M5: The Guardians; the campaign has entirely been covered. But we didn't stop there, for the DEATHMATCH Maps episode of 13 levels has also been tackled.

While the campaign can be known by some, the other details on the pack tend to be forgotten. We got a full fledged level editor, THRED, and have since documented the various editors of Quake as a further way of connecting levels together. We have covered all 65 Aftershock Standalone Levels, a collection of random shovelware from the internet, including such infamous levels as the rather anticlimatic Horizontal Door Example and the pain gauntlet that is hello. We devoted years to getting someone trained in the Wheel of Time just to tackle The Unholy TempleŸ ver .9‘, plus spent quite some time shooting random walls to find that tiny little button in Fonti.MAP.

Once again, our Wikia becomes the number one (and only) place on the internet where you can get all the details about these highly obscure levels. Video game historians be praised.