It has been a lot of effort, but we have finally got the Aftershock Toolbox detailed out as much as the original Aftershock for Quake was. A continuation of the former, it included some new levels such as Welcome to BLAZE1 and Welcome to ABANWARE. Welcome to CROSFR01 is one of the only levels out there that does not run in any modern source port. Complete with a new Aftershock Toolbox Level Theme for the completely new levels, plus the original versions of certain levels such as No caption and Horizontal Door Example, means we got quite the plethora of content. We even got some dates that gives us some idea of a chronological order.

However, the big thing this time around is not really the new level pages, but the focus on actual QuakeC mods. This has led to a lot of questions and new policies as we figured out how to ideally present all of this new data. Now we have over a hundred mods from 1996 covered by the Wikia, a couple new enemies such as the Psionic Slug and Willy the Spider, and quite a few new weapons such as the Dartgun and Sniper Rifle. We have tried creating a system that allowed for total conversions as well as entirely new content while not allowing things too similar the the base Weapons to be included. Using all of this, we have started setting up our own QuakeWikia mod just for our own hosted Server, just for that shovelware nostalgia.

Now we have custom skins with MultiSkin on top of a bunch of various Custom .MDL Files. We got solid monster corpses with GIBBIN3 and an endless stream of pipebomb mods. We have detailed a lot of the various older software such as WorldCraft and QScript. We even have a list of a lot of the random utilities included with this pack.

Until this point, we have been covering details, but had some holes in how things would be handled. We knew we wanted something a bit more detailed than the usual mod pages for other Wikias. With the Aftershock Toolbox finally tackled, it can be said with a lot more confidence that we have a solid set of standards going forward. Furthermore, it can be said that we are once again the most detailed place on the web for this information; no other place can provide you with the level of detail we now have for the Aftershock Toolbox. With four commercial add-ons of increasing detail, we have built this into quite the information hub for obscure shovelware on top of the layman's topics.