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  • Deathstalker666

    Dark Hour

    January 6, 2015 by Deathstalker666

    Happy New Year to our community! Though a bit late, I do happen to have a holiday gift for you all! Dark Hour has become the second Add-on, Q2 being the first, to be officially completed (of course there is probably always room for improvement). That means new pages have been added to the wikia such as VALHALLA AWAITS, Abstractions, and Arena II. There are 23 level pages, all highly detailed with every Grunt and Rotfish recorded.

    Also important is the creation of the Water Elevator page, which is one of our first pages covering some custom content (there are one or two stub pages from years past, but this is one to be part of a big project and the first custom Hazard to be added). Also, due to the semi-campaign of the levels (starting with …

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  • Deathstalker666


    September 20, 2014 by Deathstalker666

    Hello Quake fans! If you haven't been aware, we have been working on getting every level of the Q2 add-on detailed to the point of being a complete walkthrough on par with the original Quake walkthroughs! Today marks the completion of that project, where I can now say with confidence that we are the number #1 source for information on Q2. So, if you have no idea what I am talking about and assume that I am talking about Quake 2, go check out the Q2 page to see a rather obscure add-on created not long after Quake's release. We also have walkthoughs (video and textual) for all Single Player and Multiplayer levels. So, if you are curious how Exile and The Walls Have Eyes are different; or if you wish to compare that rather similar levels of E…

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  • Deathstalker666


    December 5, 2013 by Deathstalker666
    • Wikia has implemented part of "Project Darwin" with the fluid layout, which has changed the spacing and altered some of the CSS. This means pages must be checked for their compatibility under the new layout and resized if formatting errors exist. Please be patient as the problems are fixed and report any such alterations to one of the administrators - Raadec, Deathstalker666 or Vorknkx.
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  • Deathstalker666

    Couple of important new things in the last month!

    • First, we have a new Administrator joining our crew - NinjaFatGuy. 

    • Second, the main page was finally fixed after 5 months of disarray.
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  • Deathstalker666


    October 9, 2012 by Deathstalker666

    Wikia has updated all our pages, mostly they are non-affected but the title page has been altered to show as one collumn. For the time being the news will be at the bottom of the page until we can find a way around this glitch (it seems to have affected a number of wikias), sorry for any inconveniences this causes.

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