VALHALLA AWAITS or Valhalla is a Single Player and Multiplayer level in Dark Hour. It is the first level of a "campaign" created by a chain of levels being linked together. If considered to be a campaign, this level brings back the Rotfish, Rottweiler, Knight, Scrag, Ogre Marksman, Death Knight, and Fiend. This level consists of a large room made up of numerous long hallways.

In Deathmatch, it is intended for 16 players or less. Teleporters abound in this level so that players can attempt to get behind their opponents. There are no differences between the Single Player and Deathmatch versions of this map.

Quick Level Completion

  • Proceed forward to reach the third corridor on your left.
  • Turn left and proceed down the corridor.
  • Ignore the first intersection, continuing forward until you reach the second intersection.
  • Enter the room to the right.
  • Go to the right side of the room to exit the level.




Proceed forward to collect the 25 Health. Ignore the corridor to the left, instead proceeding forward to collect another 25 Health. Ignore the corridor, instead continuing forward to kill the Rottweiler. Ignore the corridor straight ahead, instead turning left and starting to proceed down the corridor. Collect the Double-Barrelled Shotgun, Shells, and 25 Health in the alcove to your left. Continue down the corridor to a four-way intersection. Kill the Knight to your left, then proceed down the corridor to your right. Turn right at the end and start to proceed down the corridor. Kill the Death Knight in the raised alcove to your right. Continue forward to a small staircase, this is the opposite side of the starting corridor from the spawn position. Climb the staircase and turn left to kill the Death Knight. Following the passageway to the left would lead to the opposite side of the raised alcove you saw earlier which is empty besides the Death Knight you previously killed. Instead, turn around and proceed up the corridor to the second hallway on your right. Collect the 25 Health at the start of the corridor, then return to the previous corridor. Turn right and proceed to the next hallway on your right, start to proceed down this corridor. Collect the Rocket Launcher and 3 Rockets in the alcove to your right. Continue forward to reach another four-way intersection. Turn left to kill the Knight, then turn right to kill the Ogre Marksman. To your right is the location of the previous four-way hallway with a Teleporter and hole on the left side. Instead of going down that corridor or the corridor to the left, proceed straight forward to another corridor. Kill the Scrag in the alcove to the left, then collect the Rockets and two 25 Health in the alcove to the right. Proceed forward to kill a Death Knight beside another four-way intersection. Ignore the Teleporter straight ahead, instead turning left to kill a Knight. Proceed to the next intersection. The Teleporter to your right leads back to the first corridor you went down that connected to the starting corridor. Instead of going through the Teleporter or going down the corridor to the left, turn around and proceed past the ignored Teleporter to reach another intersection. Kill the Knight at the intersection. Straight ahead your way is blocked by a hole, don't jump across it. The Teleporter to your left leads back to the Rocket Launcher corridor. Instead of going through the Teleporter, turn right and start to proceed down the corridor. A hole exists in the middle of the corridor, drop into this instead of proceeding forward. Going forward would have taken you back to the intersection between the first ignored Teleporter and the hole. That ignored Teleporter would have led to the bottom of the hole.

After dropping into the hole, turn right and proceed down the ramp into the pool of Water. Kill the 3 Rotfish, then collect the Nails and Grenade Launcher. Head up the ramp on the opposite side of the pool of Water to leave this room. You will now be on the corridor beside the Teleporter leading to the first corridor you entered from the starting corridor, that Teleporter is currently to the right so turn left and start to proceed down the corridor. You will reach the back portion of the corridor with the Ogre Marksman, continue forward instead of going to the left to start heading back to the starting corridor. Collect the 2 Double-Barrelled Shotguns, then turn left to reach the starting corridor. Return to the Ogre Marksman corridor using any of the corridors to the left. Drop into the hole you previously ignored. Ledges exist on the right side which means it is possible to leave via this hole. Continue forward to collect a Super Nailgun. Proceed forward to reach an intersection. Ignore the corridor straight ahead and instead go down the one to the right. Turn right at the end and ascend the steps to reach a small room. This is the room where the Teleporter you previously ignored beside the Death Knight would have taken you. Turn around at the top to kill 3 Rottweilers. Turn around once more and proceed forward to collect a Quad Damage and a Thunderbolt. Leave the room and return to the intersection. Follow the corridor to the right to kill a Rottweiler. Above you is a hole, this is the hole that blocked your progress earlier. Continue forward to kill another Rottweiler, then return and leave the hole via the staircase mentioned earlier. At the top of the staircase, turn left and proceed down the corridor. Kill the Knight at the intersection. To your left is the hole you did not jump across. Straight ahead is a Teleporter that leads to the area between the two raised alcoves with the Death Knight near the start. Go through the doorway to the right to enter a small room. Kill the Fiend to the left, then turn right and kill the Fiend. Collect the Quad Damage, Red Armor, and Super Nailgun to the left. Turn right and go through the Teleporter to exit the level.


Type Count Notes
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rotfish 3 (6) 3 (6) 3 (6) The vanilla engine counts each Rotfish as 2 enemies.
Rottweiler 6 6 6
Knight 5 5 5
Scrag 1 1 1
Ogre Marksman 1 1 1
Death Knight 3 3 3
Fiend 2 2 2
Total 21 (23) 21 (23) 21 (23)


Spawn Locations

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