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Vale of pnath or (pnoth) is 2nd map themed to the netherworld in quake champions, added to game in 2017 December 14 update with character keel.

map info[]

Vale of pnath is small sized map designed for Duels


Deep within the Netherworld, past the Peaks of Thok, lies this tower of metal and stone. Prepare yourself for the Vale of Pnath


The vault ghouls whisper that the death-maze of sharp angles could only have been hewn from the solid granite by Koth, the Never-Seen Sleeper In Stone.


Vale of pnath is another map which doesn't have areas nameplates in game, description and pics made for this wiki page, pictures are  screenshots from videos.

Heavy armor[]

Vale of pnath heavy armor

Heavy armor

This map is tight and tall 3-story tower,you can get heavy armor  on pillar in upper level of area or do rocket jump to pillar,this area  connected with most others areas of map,first level connected with railgun room, with rocket launcher room and with corridor with window to outside of building,  2nd level is connected with mid level of the plant and with power-up room, from jumppad in 2nd floor you reach to high ground of this area in this place located tri-bolt and door to high floor of the plant.

Railgun room[]

Vale of pnath railgun

Railgun room

Location where is railgun is connected with heavy armor's first floor you can go from way to this area or use jumppad, and connected with cave,this has 2 staircases one staircase leading to Super Nailgun place she connected with the plant 2nd to jumppad to power-up/heavy machine gun room.


Vale of pnath lightning gun room


This room can be accessed through the railgun room, a location with an acid pool with two islets on them  lies on one health bubble on another small armor,the staircase leading to a lightning gun at the end of the way and to the plant area.

Rocket launcher room[]

Vale of pnath rocket launcher

rocket launcher room

Small Chamber where is located where the rocket launcher,through it you can get to the heavy armor area's lower level and corridor with a window to outside and to the plant.

The plant[]

Vale of pnath SSG and mega health area

the plant

The plant is a 3-story area from the middle level the path to the highest level stretches, two items Super shotgun and mega health will meet on this path.

Slipgates's Teleporters[]

  • How written above slipgate from lower floor of heavy armor room teleports to 2nd floor. She has slipgate back back too.
  • Slipgate from outside of map teleports to the railgun room's platform she keeped by chains  you can jump from platform to the power-up/HMG room.
  • Slipgate from plant lower floor teleports to highest floor

Spawn locations[]

  • Heavy armor area first and 2nd floors,tri-bolt location.
  • Corridor with window
  • Rocket launcher room
  • On power-up /heavy machine gun room
  • Railgun room,in location of weapon,on armor and on stairs
  • On SNG
  • cave
  • The plant,lower, middle and upper, on SSG and near to mega health


  • The Vale of pnath is vast pit in the Underworld, the Vale filled with a mountain-sized heap of bones, The nightgaunts often carry their victims to the vale where they are left die and this place isdeepest realm in the underworld and the dangerous chasm, The vale of pnath first appeared in the novel quest of unknown kadath by H.P. Lovecraft from dream cycle.
  • Ghouls are spices of humanoid cannibalistic creatures with canine features that first appeared in Lovecraft's short story pickman's model.
  • When learning how to pronounce VALE OF PNATH, remember, PNATH rhymes with GOTH and P is silent.




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