The Water Elevator in Dark Hour is a liquid with the same basic properties of Water. Water Elevators are either blue or brown, they use the same custom textures used for regular Water. No bubbles exist in the Water Elevator.

As the name implies, the Water Elevator also shares some similarities with the Elevator. Both are designed as vertical shafts and allow the player to ascend or descend from one floor to another. Of importance is the intent of being a method to access multiple floors. Water Elevators may have textures on the side to prevent accidentally leaving the Water. A player can risk fall damage if they leave between the levels of the Water Elevator.

Blue Water Elevators are often about the same size as a regular Elevator, meaning that they are perfect squares. Brown Water Elevators often are found against walls, they are narrower but also wider than the Blue Water Elevator.

Death Messages

  • "Player" sucks it down
  • "Player" sleeps with the fishes