Wbox-test file for mbuild 0.3-djl is a Multiplayer level. This level is a test file included with Mbuild.

This level is similar to rbox-test file for mbuild 0.3-djl and sbox-test file for mbuild 0.3-djl, unlike both however it lacks anything but a room filled with Water. Unlike box-test file for mbuild 0.3-djl, this level has Water.

Note that the original 0.3 version of this file did not work, only when 0.5 was released. This was because the latter had the textures fixed to support idBase only, while the former was looking for DAVE.WAD. As 0.5 was released in September while 0.3 was released in July, the former date is used due to the inability to load the level in the latter.

Spawn Locations

  • In Room.

Room-By-Room Summarization


  • Water fills most of the room.


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