Welcome to E.T. 's World or E.T.'s World is a Single Player level. "E.T." refers to the author's initials.

This level has the filename HALL. There is another level with the same filename of HALL, the latter does not have any other name outside of the filename.

Quick Level Completion

  • Proceed forward to an Elevator.
  • Turn around and wait for it to ascend.
  • Enter the balcony, then turn left and look to the floor.
  • Shoot the Floor to land in the room below.
  • Turn right to look into the room.
  • Head up the staircase and go through the doorway.
  • Use the curved staircase to your right to reach the next floor.
  • Turn around at the top, then go through the left doorway while turning left.
  • Follow the right passageway from the intersection.
  • Turn left while shooting a Button on a block at the 45 degree point.
  • Head down the ramp straight ahead to reach a structure.
  • Turn right, then ascend to the next floor by using the Elevator.
  • Turn right once more, then head into the Teleporter.
  • Follow the corridor as it veers to the left, then turn left.
  • Drop into the Water, then turn right and swim to the far side.
  • Turn right to climb onto a platform, then follow it as it veers to the right to drop into the room below.
  • Hit the Shootable Button on the right wall.
  • Return to where you teleported, then go through the doorway straight ahead.
  • Go into the Teleporter to your right, then proceed forward through another Teleporter.
  • Use the Moving Platforms to cross to the far side of the room.
  • Hit the Shootable Button to your right, then drop through the hole in the middle of the platform.
  • Head to the platform beside you, then continue forward through the darkened doorway to complete the level.


Welcome to E.T

Welcome to E.T. 's World

Proceed down the corridor to collect the Double-Barrelled Shotgun. Continue into the next room to drop into the Water, a message will be displayed that says "hmmmm...". Ignore the Scrag to quickly pass a series of Bars before they close. Kill the Rotfish as you land in the Water, then continue forward under the platform straight ahead to collect the 25 Health. Return to the platform and climb on top of it to kill the Ogre. Collect the Grenade Launcher to your left, then head through the Teleporter straight ahead to return to the starting corridor. Kill the Scrag you previously ignored, then continue forward to step onto an Elevator. Turn around and wait for it to reach the top, then step onto the balcony as the Movable Wall opens up. Kill the Scrag to your right, then turn right to collect the Shells and 25 Health. Turn around and head to the opposite side of the balcony, then shoot the Floor to drop to the room below. Turn around to collect the 25 Health and Nails, then turn left to look into the room. Collect the Shells beside the Door to your left and the 25 Health beside the Door to your right. Collect the Nailgun beside the staircase leading to the next room, this will cause the message "HERE COME THE PAIN" to be displayed. The Doors will open to expose 2 Enforcers, plus a Fiend will spawn behind you. Kill all the Monsters in the room while turning around, then head into the alcove to your left. Straight ahead is a Movable Wall, touching it will result in the message "Where this goes.Nobody knows." to be displayed. Hit the Shootable Button in the ceiling to cause the Movable Wall to slide aside in front of you, revealing another room. Jump across the Lava to your right to reach a Platform that will start moving while displaying the message "good luck". Jump to your right once more to reach a platform with the Nails and 25 Health. Turn around, then using the Moving Platform to return to the starting area of the room, a ramp below the Door that is now locked. Hug the very left of this platform, then jump forward to reach another thin platform higher on the ramp. Turn left to jump to the edge of the ramp, then turn around. Hit the Shootable Button in the middle of the ramp to open the Door to your left and allow you to return to the previous room.

Head up the stairs to your right to reach the next room. Proceed slightly forward, then look up to kill the Scrag, then look straight ahead once more. Collect the Nails straight ahead, the Rockets in the left corner, and the Rockets in the right corner. Avoid walking straight ahead to do this however, instead hug the far wall, because a Movable Wall will drop you beside the Nails into a Wind Tunnel leading back to the start while displaying the message "Later...". Return to the start of the room and look into the room, then head up the curved staircase to your right to reach the upper floor. Turn right from the top, then cross the platform to collect the Super Nailgun. Turn right, there are two doorways leading out from this room in the extreme corners with a hole to your right. Pass the hole and head down the section leading to the right door to collect the 25 Health, then enter the doorway while turning right. Follow the curved corridor around to kill a Zombie beside a window. Continue further down the curved corridor to kill a second Zombie and collect the Yellow Armor. As you reach the end of the corridor, a Movable Wall will open up to overlook the room where you got the Nailgun. Return to the previous room and head down the doorway you previously ignored, then turn left. Proceed forward to reach another intersection, kill the Enforcer to your right and Enforcer to your right. Look through the bar to your left to kill the Scrag. Since there is a bar blocking the left passageway, follow the right one instead as it heads down a staircase and eventually reaches a balcony. Collect the Shells at the end of the balcony, then turn left. Hit the Shootable Button on the block to your right to open a Movable Wall straight ahead, providing easier access to a ramp leading to a structure. Head down the ramp while killing the Ogre, then turn right to reach the next floor using an Elevator. Turn around at the top to kill another Ogre, then head to the upper right corner of the room to collect the Nails. As you do such a message will be displayed, "Feeding time...", and a Rottweiler will spawn behind you. Kill the Rottweiler, then turn left to head into the Teleporter to your left.

Kill the 2 Knights straight ahead of you, then collect the 25 Health and Nails to your right. Behind you is the way forward, but it blocked by a Bar, touching it will display the message "A switch. Somewhere...". Ignore this and instead follow the corridor as it heads to your left to collect the 25 Health. Turn left, then drop into the Water. Kill the 3 Rotfish to your left and 2 Rotfish to your right. Kill the Rottweiler on the platform to your right, then turn right and swim to the far side. Turn right to climb onto a platform, then follow it to the right to drop to another room. In the lower right corner is an Elevator leading back to where you were, while straight ahead is a set of steps leading to a platform with nothing on it. Collect the Nails beside the steps, then turn left and shoot the Movable Wall. Proceed into the newly revealed alcove to collect the Quad Damage, a message will appear warning you that "You just might need it". Return to the previous room, then turn right to kill the Shambler that has spawned. Turn left once more, then hit the Shootable Wall in front of you, which will cause the message "Somewhere a door opens..." to be displayed. Retrace your steps to where you teleported into this area, then proceed forward through the newly opened doorway. Head into the Teleporter to your right, you are now on the opposite side of the bar at the earlier intersection. Continue forward to go through another Teleporter, you will land on a platform and collect the Nails. Straight ahead is a series of Moving Platforms, carefully traverse them to reach the other side without falling into the Lava below. Note you land on the first Moving Platform when teleporting (and stepping backwards doesn't offer enough resistance), which means there is the chance that you can drop into the Lava just due to bad luck. Turn right to hit the Shootable Button, which causes the small set of Bars blocking the middle of the platform to open up, revealing a hole while displaying the message "A leap of faith...". Drop into the hole while looking towards the direction opposite the Moving Platforms, you will touch the Lava for a moment before an Elevator raises you to the platform above. Kill the Death Knight to your left, then continue forward through a darkened doorway to complete the level.


Type Count Notes
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rotfish 6 (12) 6 (12) 6 (12) The vanilla engine counts each Rotfish as 2 enemies.
Rottweiler 2 2 2
Zombie 2 2 2
Knight 2 2 2
Enforcer 4 4 4
Scrag 4 4 4
Ogre 3 3 3
Death Knight 1 1 1
Fiend 1 1 1
Shambler 1 1 1
Total 26 (32) 26 (32) 26 (32)


  • While a Secret exists in the counter, it is impossible to find in-game because it has not been placed anywhere.
  • There are a couple triggers that, like the Secret, don't exist in the map. One of them says "Ouch...". Another says "a door opens in the distance".
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