Welcome to the Arena! is a Multiplayer level in Aftershock for Quake. This level has near identical geometry to Welcome to the Arena! (Dark Hour), though no dividing wall exists in the long tunnel at the top of the map. Weapon and Ammo placement are nearly identical. Spawn locations are also nearly identical, though this version is lacking one on the bottom floor of the map. Unlike the Dark Hour version of this level, this level does not have any Enemies and is therefore only intended for Deathmatch use. This version also has a glitch on the bottom floor of the map which can cause the player to fall through the world.

Spawn Locations

  • Top of ramp leading to Box Platform.
  • Middle of Box Platform.
  • Central Platform, bottom of ramp leading to Long Tunnel.
  • Corner of platform that stretches around Box Platform from Bottom Floor.
  • Platform Series, top of ramp near Rocket Launcher of Central Platform.

Important Item Locations




  • It is possible to fall through the level on the side opposite the bottom of the ramps, Grenade Launcher side.

Room-By-Room Summarization

Welcome to the Arena! (Aftershock)

Welcome to the Arena! (Aftershock)

Bottom Floor

High Ramp

Central Platform

Platform Series

Box Platform

Long Tunnel

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