Willy the Spider is a custom Monster for Quake. Willy the Spider is relatively large in size; it has a hitbox similar to that of a Vore. Due to the sounds it makes, it is also most comparable to that Monster, though is far weaker and intended for idBase or other early levels.

As the name would suggest, Willy the Spider is a giant oversized spider. It relies entirely on a weak fireball attack. Combined with a moderate but not extremely high amount of health, the player shouldn't find themselves struggling with this new opponent, especially if they are a veteran.

This Monster was made by Ken Turner of The Birthing Chamber. Much like the Ogre Marksman, Willy the Spider lacks a proper death message and doesn't make a sound upon seeing the player. This Monster also relies upon vanilla sounds and effects; the only addition is the code for the new entity (open-source to be used in various levels) and the mesh.

While it is possible to Gib this monster, Willy the Spider does not have a gibbed head like the vanilla Monsters. Instead, Willy the Spider just spawns a few generic Gibs and a torso.


  • Willy the Spider is a relatively weak opponent. When you face it, you mostly will be relying on the Shotgun. While Willy the Spider has more health than a Grunt or Rottweiler, it still can go down without wasting too many Shells.
  • Due to the weakness of this opponent, the player should focus more on killing the Grunts around it, since Willy the Spider relies entirely on a projectile-based attack instead of hitscan.
  • Much like the Death Knight, Willy the Spider attacks using a fireball. Unlike the aforementioned Monster, it is only a single fireball at a time, meaning it is even easier to dodge the slow moving attack. Unless you make it a point to get hit, it is unlikely Willy the Spider shall even hurt you.
  • In the event you do manage to get hit by Willy the Spider, it is a weak attack that only drains 9 health. You could stand perfectly still, charging it with an Axe, and it wouldn't pose much danger.
  • Making things simpler, you can also stun Willy the Spider with ease, much like a Grunt. Willy will fly a few feet into the air when hit before landing on the ground. This stun lasts a few seconds, meaning it allows for even more attacks without risk.
  • Willy the Spider is pretty much a meat shield. It will take quite a few shots to bring him down, but it isn't particularly hard to do such due to the weakness of his attacks. Willy the Spider has the same amount of health as an Ogre and thus can endure more shots than other Monsters in an idBase level. You will start encountering Willy the Spider before you can get a Double-Barrelled Shotgun or Nailgun, meaning you have less firepower than you could normally use against your average Ogre.

Death Messages

  • "Player"


Willy the Spider being aware of threat
Willy the Spider firing a fireball
Willy the Spider's projectile colliding with a surface
Willy the Spider being injured
Willy the Spider being killed
Willy the Spider being gibbed