These are the Overlord's evil minions. Smaller, but just as deadly.

—Dissolution of Eternity Manual

Wizards of the underworld, these soulless creatures feel no sorrow for the destruction they unleash. Be wary of their destructive projectiles, as they have a tendancy [sic] to play 'Follow the Leader'. Wraths are known to follow their Overlord commanders.

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The Wraths are the minions of the Overlord, the boss of Quake's forces in Dissolution of Eternity. They’re fairly common throughout the game and are a worthy foe. They float in the air like the Scrag, and can catch up to the player quickly.


Wrath Ball

The Wrath ball is a red spiked ball that homes in on the player, much like the Vore's purple energy pod. It does a very little 6 to 8 damage and thus is not much of a threat. They move much faster than Vore's attack and are very difficult to avoid.

Death Explosion

The Wrath will explode upon death, dealing about 60 damage to anyone near by. Thus, it's recommended to fight the Wrath at a distance.


  • If you encounter a Wrath, run away to a safe location and equip the Multi Rocket Launcher. Peer around the corner and take a pot shot if it is safe to do so. If the Wrath gives chase, run back even more until you are at a safe distance from Rocket's splash damage and Wrath's Death Explosion. The Multi Rockets will easily take the Wrath out in 1 to 2 hits. The Super Nailgun or Rocket Launcher also works well if the player is out of Multi Rockets.
  • The Wrath's main attack is not very dangerous - even the lowly Grunt will often deal more damage. Unless your health is low, it's best to focus first on Death Knights, Ogres, or Fiends if you're in the middle of a fight. Still, keeping your distance is advised.
  • The Wrath will rarely provoke a monster fight due to the fire pod's low damage, which enemies will often ignore in favor of attacking the player.
  • The Wrath is one of the five monsters that is capable for gibbing Zombies (the other being Shambler, Vore, Spike Mine's explosion, and Spawn's death explosion), especially both the fire pod and the death explosion.

Death Messages

  • "Player" was disintegrated by a Wrath



  • The Wrath is possibly inspired by the Disciple of d'Sparil from Heretic, which have a similar appearance, magic attack, levitation, and hazardous explosion when killed.


The Wrath spotting an opponent
The Wrath assaulting somebody
The Wrath's red ball exploding
R exp3
The Wrath being injured
The Wrath being killed


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