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XITMSG is a modification for Quake made by Psycho Prisoner. This adds some varied messages that appear in a Multiplayer server when a player exits the server. This is intended to add a little atmosphere by either praising a player for leaving with a good ranking or mocking them if they were in a bad position.

All messages add some flavor before stating the number of frags the player left the server with.

Custom Messages

  • Player kicked ass with - Player was top dog.
  • Player left with his pride and - Player was in the upper portion of the list, but not top dog.
  • Player held his own with - Player was in the middle of the scoreboard, not doing too bad but also not doing that great.
  • Player ran away with his tail between his legs and - Player was on the lower portion of the list, but not in last place.
  • Player wussed out with - Player was in last position.